Thursday, March 18, 2010

As I write this, Spring is in the air

It's about to crest 60 degrees and it's not even 11:30. And I, Geoffrey Raymond, like Spring itself or, more microcosmically, baseball, am back.

With this:

Still a bit too blue, but what are you gonna do? My opening comment ... the first pitch of the season, if you will ... reads down the left margin something like this:
FED: We can't buy this stuff. It's completely worthless!
LEH: Relax. We'll buy it back in a couple of days. We're just manipulating our books.
FED: Is that legal?
LEH: We found an obscure British law firm that says it is.
FED: Oh, okay. How much do you want?
LEH: How much you got?
Which makes me smile.


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