Saturday, March 13, 2010

Eventually, all the big stars do Sesame Street

Do you watch "The Good Wife"?

Me? I love it. So it was with some pleasure that I found myself watching Letterman--a thing I almost never do--when Julianne Margulies made a guest appearance. One of the things she talked about was appearing on Sesame Street.

All of which bring me to this picture of an Australian children's book author named Mem Fox. She is, apparently, the real deal with the under-six set.

She looks exceedingly pleasant, doesn't she? Not at all like, say, Stanley Tucci in The Beautiful Bones (if that was the name of it). A good egg, I'm thinking, is this Mem Fox.

The plan, as it stands, is that I will be making a guest appearance at Claremont Prep, a private school located in the middle of Larger Wall Street, to help the Kindergarten art class help me paint Mem Fox.

I'll paint it half way before I show up, then each budding artist and I will fling some paint down, thus "completing" the portrait of their favorite author. I will then take it back to the studio for a touch-up or two, then return it to the school. My collaborators will then scrawl their names on the thing, thus making it one of my highly-sought-after annotated works. We will then auction it off at the annual Spring Claremont Prep Association silent auction.

Benefits going to the school, as opposed to me--the record should note.

I am told, however, that my picture will appear in the school paper. So there is some public relations benefits to be accrued, I suppose.


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