Wednesday, March 03, 2010

And now this...

And now this, from a website called "", which is, I guess, an on-line auction house:
Geoffrey Raymond Reeve b.1936- Portrait of the artist Pauline Boty 1938-1966; bromide print, photograph, signed, inscribed `Pauline` and dated 1960 in pencil, 40x32cm (may be subject to Droit de Suite)
Here's the work under discussion:

Wow, she's pretty hot. I'd paint her.

The price is 150=200 lbs. If that's how one refers to the British currency. Given the venue, how could it not be? It might be fun to bid. If you want to buy it and give it to me as an act of, say, fromage, go to:
Tell me first, though. Because I don't want to be bidding against you.

And really, how much fun is this? Wikipedia offers, regarding Ms. Boty:

She studied stained glass at the Royal College of Art (1958-61) and was a friend and contemporary of RCA fine artists including Derek Boshier, Peter Phillips and Peter Blake with whom she featured in a 1962 episode of BBC TV's Monitor arts documentary Pop Goes The Easel, directed by Ken Russell.[1] She was also an occasional model, stage film and TV actress and regular contributor to topical and iconoclastic BBC Radio series The Public Ear (1963-4).

She married leading literary agent Clive Goodwin in 1963 (d.1977) and had a daughter, Boty Goodwin (b.1966 d.1995). Pauline died in 1966 of cancer.

Her famous 1963 painting of Christine Keeler, Scandal, based on the Profumo affair, is now lost.[2] Her painting The Only Blonde in the World is in public ownership at Tate Liverpool. My Colouring Book, 1963, is part of the Grabowski gift at the Muzeum Sztuki w Lodzi, Lodz, Poland.

Pauline's painting and collage often demonstrated a joy in self-assured femininity and sexuality, and implied or express criticism of the male-dominated establishment, which, combined with her own gregarious and extravert nature has caused her to be remembered by some as a herald of 1970s feminism.

I don't have the patience to remove the links. Usually I do, but not today.

And whoa! Check this out:

and this:

In order, "The Only Blonde in the World" and "My Colouring Book".

I love the idea that she named her daughter Boty--an act of feminist militance if ever there was one.


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