Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Beautiful Indian Woman (Led Zeppelin)

I think that's gonna be the actual title. Just for the record.

BIWLZ is a dark painting, and there's a lot of gloss enamel on it--all of which makes it almost impossible to photograph nicely. Especially without a tripod.

So this morning, in the midst of paint flying, I dragged out my tripod and my Nikon and took a decent shot of the thing.

Immigrant Song

It's half done, give or take 50%. But I do like that Thomas Hart Benton/WPA iconic feel. For you obsessives, this is a big file. You can really push into it if you like.

I like it a lot from the nipple down. Except that it looks as if she has fingernails a bit closer to the knuckle than normal people. You know what I mean? I'll fix this, but with some regret. My fear is that, if rendered anatomically correctly, the fingernails will disappear off the left side of the image. And my hope was that I could create an arc of red dots starting in the bottom left corner, fingernail after fingernail, ending in at least some part of the nipple rendered in the same color.

Not unlike the circular pattern of Michelle's fingers as they pull the eye towards the center of the painting.

Anyway, we'll see.


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