Wednesday, March 03, 2010

God is in the details

It's fair to say that, now that we're back on the horse, we're rolling like a freight train here at the Year of Magical Painting, Season Three. If that's not mixing metaphors. And, given the venue, how could it not be? I mean, isn't that our stock and trade (all this painting business aside)? The generation of prose best described as the demon spawn of P.G. Wodehouse and Marcel Proust?
Pass the malomars.
The what?
Are you referring to the naval observatory?

No. The niblets. The cookies. Malomars--the ones that Proust took?
Madeleines, I believe, is the word you are searching for.
Anyway, this is a photograph of Phillip Johnson, revered modern architect. Disciple, I'm presuming, of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, revered modern architect.

For some reason, I had thought Johnson was the author of the phrase "God is in the details", but it was (obviously, now that I'm thinking about it) Mies. He also coined "Less is more." Which is true at least half the time.

Anyway, he's more interesting, visually, than Mies, so here's his picture. All of which is by way of saying that God is in the details. I mean, if you go with modern Christian theory, He's everywhere. So there's no reason to suppose He isn't in the details.

That said, consider this:

Hats Off to (Roy) Harper

I told you we were rolling.

Now consider this--probably the most notable goober in the history of my work, seen here as a detail of "Blue Paulson":

Now this:

Ahhh, sweet mystery of life. At last I've found you.

The sad part, I suppose, is this goober--seen above in a detail of "Study for Marcus Goldman (Led Zeppelin)"--of which I am fond, is likely to disappear when I start painting the beard. Nonetheless, I wanted you to know it was there. Before it goes away.

The annoying thing about it is that it's a thick bit of paint and I can't proceed until it's dry. Manomanoman, I'm feeling held up a bit here. Thus, I suppose, the post.


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