Wednesday, March 17, 2010

And then there's this...

I think the top of the bridge of his nose--where it meets his brow--needs to be pushed to the left about a third of an inch. Which is too bad, because I like the gestural line that defines his nose and it may, sadly, be lost in the translation.

I'm now willing to call the platform painting experiment a conditional failure. It's easier in some ways. Less bending over. Better on the knees (I can't believe that I, a man still, at least in my own mind, in the flower of his youth, am complaining about my knees). I think the distance, as measured from the tip of my nose to the surface of the painting, needs to be greater. Floor length, if you catch my drift. To provide a bit more perspective.

Nonetheless, I'm feeling okay about Big Fuld 3. I do like the whole neck/raised hand/ear/hair thing. Quite a bit of straight-from-the-tube work going on here. And I like the beadiness of the eyes, although they will almost certainly change. The ball of the palm needs some articulation, I think. But overall I think I'm well on schedule--writing this at about 11:30 am--to make it to McManus by quarter of three.

I might even take a shower.


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