Sunday, April 11, 2010

LBTM...Volume 3

Actually this isn't live blogging, since I'm on tape and the Masters is prolly over by now. But it's live to me. As NBC might say at the Olympics, it's plausibly live.

Anyway, Phil is on the 16th/17th, and by gum, barring whatever the opposite of a miracle is, he's gonna take home that weird trophy. My hope is that he takes a moment, as a bit of homage to the struggles of the women in his life, to publicly take Billy Payne to task, about as roughly as Payne took Tiger Woods to task, for Augusta's membership policy for women. The notion of Payne lecturing Woods on morality is laughable. Chutzpah is the word that jumps to mind.
I wonder if they let Jews in.
Me too.
Anyway, there is a time, certainly, for good manners. There is also a time to speak up for what is right (Me, speaking as the father of two daughters, both of whom, I hope, will someday be members of Augusta).

Do you think the bunch of racist, sexist, homophobic (I'm just guessing on the last one. The first two are well-documented), redneck motherfuckers that run Augusta would have ever let blacks in if people hadn't started complaining? And, as it stands now, the only highly public organization that has less black people as members would have to be the Republican caucus of the House of Representatives--another bunch of racist, sexist, homophobic (I'm just guessing at the middle one. The first and last are well-documented), redneck motherfuckers.

Are you familiar with the Milgram experiments? Okay--not enough time right now, but we'll cover it soon enough.
I'm shocked!
Don't make me laugh--I'm trying to live-blog the Masters.
I like Freddie Couples. It looks like he's wearing boatshoes.
And no socks, apparently. What's not to like?


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