Tuesday, April 06, 2010

People of the world... Or rather, people of Goldman Sachs...

"People of the World..."

These were the opening few words of Conan O'Brien's goodbye note to his viewers explaining the abject screwing he'd just received from what was once a great force in American popular culture but which now is a pathetic shell of itself.

We speak, of course, of NBC.

I loved it, but that's not the point. The point, really, is directed to the employees of Goldman Sachs currently working in the new World Headquarters building just West of West Street.

People of Goldman Sachs...

I will be standing in front of your building today, exhibiting for annotation my portrait of Timothy Geithner. Please come out and scrawl something inflammatory. Or complementary. Or complimentary. Who can remember the difference?

In either case, it's cathartic. And don't we all need some catharsis?

Even more importantly, if you are reading this, I would offer for your consideration this spectacular painting titled "Study for Marcus Goldman". Measuring about five feet by three, it would look fabulous in your office; offering the opportunity to publicly display an original Geoff Raymond without all the ripe obscenities that usually hang, like strange fruit, from my annotated works.

Check it out:

I'm not obsessed about pricing on this one. Call it my Spring Sale. Make an offer.

Numbered prints are also available for all my images, but wouldn't you really feel better with the word "Hitter" emblazoned metaphorically across your forehead? "Big Swinging Dick"--if that's not too vulgar. "Master of the Universe"--if that's not to cliched? I refer, of course, to the halo effect of owning one of my original works.
As a quick grammatical aside, when did "cliche" become an adverb?
You mean like "That is so cliche"?
I don't know.
Personally I hate the usage.
I appreciated your avoidance of it in the preceding paragraph.
You're welcome.


Blogger williambanzai7 said...

I would rather see you put the Geithner portrait in front of Penn Station...just an idea

3:46 PM  

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