Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Red Geithner and the perils of the bar

The bar I'm of course referring to is the Peter McManus Cafe. The only non-Wall Street location where I regularly exhibit my work. The place where, just last very night, I exhibited the now-annotated Red Geithner. Which looks like this:

Which I like. By and large.

As you may know, dear reader, I typically hand people markers and say "write anything you want but stay off the face." Rarely do I encounter the sort of transgressor who's of a mind to draw a big X through the face of some business or government figure who he, or she, believes has, say, robbed him, or her, blind.

And I'm surprised that the big X hasn't actually happened. I mean, some of these people are pissed.

Anyway, the bar is different. More of a free-for-all, if you will.

So there I stood, last very night, Bud Light in hand, talking to a friend, idly watching a woman grab a pen and draw a question mark (odd how many question marks are cropping up on this painting--I count 3) just below the N in Geithner. Good, I'm thinking. Insightful. Querulous (if that's either: a) a word; b) the correct use of the word; and c) the correct spelling of the word).

Then--as quick as the dog when she sees that some asshole, who thinks the streets of Brooklyn are an acceptable dumping ground for his, or her, chicken bones, has, in fact, deposited one--the woman stoops and haves at Geithner's forehead.
Nobody appreciates your appreciation of a convoluted sentence more than me, but that one's a disaster.
It is, isn't it?
Yes it is.
What should I do about it?
What if you deleted the comma after "asshole"? That might help.
I never delete commas. I only add them.
Okay. Let's just leave it be.
Like a car accident, things sort of slowed down for me. Truth be told, I probably had the opportunity to shout something out to her. But I just kind of let the events flow.

I've cropped the painting so you can see both, here:

For those of you who need help locating the question marks, I would call your attention to the upper-right and lower-left corners of the image. I wonder what she was thinking. Perhaps it was something like "I wonder what he was thinking."

Anyway, what are you going to do? Life goes on. I kind of like how the annotations are developing. Particular the references to Geithner's tax filing problems.


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