Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Half the fun of being a painter is coming up with the titles. My favorite, just off the top of my head, is "Dancer #3 (Reclining, Chelsea Hotel)". Although this painting (which is almost done and awaiting delivery to a friend) is titled "Big Daddy 75 (Chumbawamba), 2010".

Which is pretty strong.

Big because it's a big painting; Daddy because it's a portrait of her daddy; 75 because each of the siblings are chipping in a colossally small amount of money to buy a portrait of their father to give to him on his 75th birthday (how big a prince does that make me?); Chumbawamba because that's the band I decided to listen to while painting the painting; and 2010 because that's the year it was painted in.

I love the collar and the jacket. And the eyes, when you look at them up close, are like little universes, which is also cool.

All of which brings me to the Volkswagon Tiguan.

It's like a mini-SUV, and it's probably a fine car. But I gotta ask, what is with that name? Tiguan? What does that even mean? Googling this question, the answers I got border on the absurd. Most frequent ones speak to a melding of the words Tiger and Iguana.


It should also be noted for the record that the three trim packages of this car, which I am now loathing with every fiber of my soul, are named: Trend & Fun, Sport & Style, and Track & Field. I shit you not, dear reader.

And now a brief lesson in European/American relations. In short: they think we are idiots. Why, you ask? Because the same trim packages in England are S, SE, and Sport.

You do the math.


Anonymous Tom (Lurker) said...

A Tiguan is the result of the ill advised breeding of Touareg and a Routan. This type of inter-species breeding is illegal in most civilized countries. In the U.S. it resulted in the Pontiac Aztek which had to be euthanized.

4:16 PM  
Blogger davidlefool said...

"I get knocked down, but I get up again...."

Ballad of Lloydsy Blankfein?

2:23 AM  

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