Wednesday, March 02, 2011

What's wrong with Obama?

It's an interesting question. For purposes of today's discussion we are going to avoid the whole unable-or-unwilling-to-smite-the-forces-of-evil-as-mightily-as-some-of-us-had-perhaps-hoped thing and restrict ourselves to my painting of our current sitting president.

Which, as it stands now, is this:

And the answer?

Well, just one man's opinion, but I think I've rendered his nose too long, thus pushing the whole nose-flume-mouth thing too far down the face. The solution is to white out everything from the tip of the nose down to just below his lower lip and move all the goddam stuff up about half an inch.

President Obama, you see, has a rather finicky lower half of his face. Kind of a pursed mouth and an elongated chin (kinda). Reminds me of Fred Astaire. Of whom I'm fond.

Be still my heart--I'm such a sucker for Ginger Rogers. I'm fond of the president too. But honestly, what a pain in the ass. But at least Michelle looks good:

I added a bit to her left eyebrow. Kind of a fond nod to the angry-black-woman thing which seems to be all the rage.

I do, however, very much like the look she's giving, when hung as a set, to Barack:

And this, strangely sepia toned (I'll never understand photography), is the dog. It's supposed to be white. I'll also never understand why the goddam thing is still rotated 90 degrees when I just fixed it in iPhoto.

I should get a new program but don't feel like shelling out the colossal amount required for whatever that famous one is.


Anonymous Blankfein said...

We train young men to drop synthetic CDOs on unsuspecting long-siders, but their managers won't allow them to write Rubin on their Bloomberg Terminals, because it's obscene!

9:54 AM  

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