Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Quis Spartacus?

The thing that separates me from, say, Michelangelo (other than a general talent level), is the fact that he, to the best of my knowledge, never rolled his painting up, jumped on a train to New York armed with black sharpies, unfurled the thing the next day and invited public commentary.

Which is exactly what I'm doing with The Annotated Rand, albeit with an unusual twist.
That being?
What hasn't really been touched on yet is this weekend's release of Atlas Shrugged, the movie. I wonder if it's in 3-D. Anyway, looking backwards about two years, I was amazed and delighted at all the Ayn Rand references on The Fallen Prince. The gears have ground slowly since, but I think it'll be good clean fun to collect annotations from all the Objectivists standing in line to see the movie, and then head to Wall Street and get the other side of the coin.

Or, more likely, the same side of the coin. All those Wall Street people are closet-Objectivists.

Anyway, since I traditionally get the first annotation, I'm going with "Who Is Spartacus?" The first lines of Atlas Shrugged being, of course, "Who is John Galt?", I'm sure you can piece the whole thing together and you don't have to have me spell out the whole "I am Spartacus" business.

Did I tell you I'm reading Atlas Shrugged? Really, it's stunning. Hard to go more than a couple of pages without your mouth dropping open.


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