Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Painting Krugman

The spectacle begins.

That said--quick! If you google Paul Krugman, then hit images, then select large size, my portrait titled "Lilah S (Ash Wednesday)" (who is, in real life, a waitress at Elmo) shows up on the second page. Odd, no?
Actually no.
How so?

Because if you read the blog passage the link takes you to, you clearly mention Krugman.
Still, it's good to be in the same boat. The guy's famous.
So are you, my friend.
Yes, but less so.
Fame's a two edged sword.
I hear you on that. I hate it when, right in the middle of a mouthful of meatloaf at Elmo, some idiot comes up to your table and asks for an autograph.
I hear you.
Or wants to debate the nuances of fiscal policy.
With you?
I know. Crazy, right?
It would have been more fun if it was on the first page.
Yes it would have been.
I'm going with this picture of Krugman. I like the Fallen Prince visual resonance.


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