Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ach! Was ist los?

It's well known that this blog's primary, albeit informal, sponsor is Ferrari. That said, would it kill them to provide me with a vehicle? Anyway, Ferrari's are cool but I don't dislike Audi's either. And even though the Beemer and Mercedes guys are gonna look down the end of their noses at you, there are worse things to think about than cruising around town in a big, fat A8.

All of which brings me to the following clip--the massive crash of a racing Audi at Le Mans last week:

This is right up there with Robert Kupica's crash at, I think, Montreal some years ago. Amazing to watch the degree to which the car disintegrates--it almost feels like it's exploding parts. Unfortunately, the TV commentators are German. If you don't speak German, I can tell you that most of the commentary translates into some version of "Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit!"

The moral? Don't watch car racing while standing on the outside of a curve at the end of a long straight.

The good news? Hard to believe, but basically everybody was okay.

Sponsorship note: That was a Ferrari 458 that the Audi climbed over on its way to the wall.

Favorite part? The photographer running away from the wreck, towards the bottom of the screen, pursued by a wheel.
Exit, pursued by bear.


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