Friday, July 08, 2011

Most amusing Krugman comment...

If you look at the lower right hand cornerof Black and White Krugman, neatly inscribed (by me, on behalf of someone else), are the words "Fuck Krugman ... He's Not Worth Our Input."

This was the next to last comment from the Zero Hedge Krugman post, after 95 or so otherwise decent caring people tore into America's foremost economics professor (some would say) in the comments section and very much put the lie to the notion that he's not worth the input.
I find the placement of it a bit precious.
Do you? I thought it was like a bit of punctuation. A coda of a sort.
Reminds me of that famous University of Virginia running back with the engaging nickname.
Tiki Barber?
Thomas Jones?
Jelly Roll Morton?
No. Did he even play for Virginia?
No. Barry "The Last" Word?
Between the 90-some from ZH and the 100 or so from public annotation, I'm pegging the total number of comments at roughly 200, with a plus/minus of 25.


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