Thursday, June 30, 2011

Post Times

Here's Krugman after my afternoon outside the Times and inside the Peter McManus Cafe.

It's not really blue. It's black and white, like the name suggests.

But that's not important right now. What is important is that you look at about the 9:15 mark (if the painting were a clock) and you see a block of copy that starts with "I love my family..." Hey, dog! I love my family too, but I don't go writing their names on paintings of Paul Krugman.

I'm whiting it out. Which is big for me ... but it bugs me. I've always said to people that they can write whatever they want so long as they didn't write on the face. And that felt like a kind of a contract. That is to say, you CAN write what you want. And I used to feel that my end of the bargain was to leave it be.

Not so much anymore. From now on, it's 'Write whatever you want (unless it's unbearably insipid), just stay off the face."

I'm not asking for Shakespeare here. Nor do I require in-depth economic thinking--although a little of that would be nice. Nor do I plan to white stuff out because it's obscene or abusive. I love that stuff. But don't use my valuable canvas space to write boring shit.

Because I'm gonna white it out.

Favorite comment so far? "Next do Sorkin...with two faces."

Now THAT's the stuff we're looking for.


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