Monday, October 03, 2011

I may have missed an opportunity...

Remember this from yesterday:

It's intriguing seeing the image floating through that coat of gesso. Kind of like this:

And kind of like this:

Now, while holding all these images in your mind, let's return to the middle one. For those of you not completely in the loop, it's a work by Robert Rauschenberg titled "Erased de Kooning Drawing."

First of all, make a note of the Jack Daniels part.
Quick personal aside: I bought a 22oz bottle of Brown's Whiskey Barrel Aged Porter from the Brown's person at the farmer's market on Saturday and drank it during the Giants game. Brown's is a Troy-based brewery. Unbelievable. I never expected that much of the whiskey. Just won the best beer in New York competition, or something like that.
Then the part about "It'll have to be something that I'll miss" is wonderful.

Then a couple of seconds later, the part about "I'm gonna make it so hard for you to erase it"--also really cool.

So it occurs to me that I might have liked the painting more if I'd retitled it "Erased Raymond" and gone over the image--but not the annotations--with white paint (which is more translucent than gesso), and ended up with something floating somewhere between Black and White Krugman and Erased de Kooning Drawing.

Completely different idea than Rauschenberg's, but still...


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