Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Painting the Street Weekly

I am embarking on a long-term project called Painting the Street Weekly. You can visit the preliminary (and soon to be ongoing) fruits of my thinking at The idea is to paint a black and white abstract painting (envision Dismantling Volcker as an example) a week, titled with a timely message. While each one, in and of itself, may be but a trifle, together they will amount to a compelling historical record of the coming year on Wall Street. Which is, after all, what I suppose I do.

An example of a work in progress is this:

No ... wait. That's my daughter's dog, Chloe. This is the work in progress:

My immediate response to the painting was to call it "Penile Implant", given what appears to be a massive johnson in the lower left quadrant. But I'm not doing a genitalia series, so I revised my thinking. Going forward, I'm calling it some version of "JefCo's Big Letter." Which you may or may not get.

An alternative might be "Corzine: Well-Hung".

Worth noting, these paintings, which measure 3' by 4', have been individually priced at $9,999 in an effort to make people not think they are spending 10K. I'm selling discounted futures, but I haven't figured out the formula yet.


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