Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dat Bess, she my woman now

On my way to see Porgy & Bess, an opera about poor black people in Charleston written by two Jewish brothers from New York with whom, when corrected for inflation, I'd gladly exchange checking accounts.

Go figure.

They say Audra McDonald is a force of nature. Volcanic. Can't wait.

In the meantime, The First Great Fish...

There's a typo in one of the narrative boxes, which steams me no end. Will be fixed later, at much expense of time. Annoying. And further on the copy, let me just tell you that, speaking of the copy as a whole, it is a mess. Just me figuring out how to proceed and writing down any sort of stuff to move things forward. I can't get the voice of the guy who called David Carradine "Grasshopper" out of my head.
Patience, Grasshopper. The path to truth is fraught with peril.
Stuff like that. It may be working against me.


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