Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Formerly Brilliant Dimon

This is a massively hi-res image of my portrait of Jamie Dimon.  You, dear reader, are welcome to use it in any manner you see fit, providing you don't make any money doing it.

Massively hi res?  Really?  It's like 4K.
Massively hi res for The Year of Magical Painting.  Besides, nothing is written on it.  What's to see?
Fair enough.

I'll be outside JPMorgan HQ tomorrow for lunch.  My heads-up note to a PR guy there met with massive silence, but they've probably got bigger fish to fry than me these days.

95K now; 125K when the annotations are finished.  And I reserve the right to mess with the blue eye a bit more.  I wonder if it would be better red, like the other one.


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