Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Painting Dimon

Despite my relatively positive sense of me-ness, it's hard to feel good about myself right now.  Exhibit A for the prosecution being:

Which, if you were going to engage in every possible pun related to the man's last name, would best be called Dimon in the rough.  But let's nip that shit in the bud, because it's gonna get tiresome fast.  Let me, instead, call your attention to this bad boy:

The plan, roughly, is to start grabbing paint with my 6" putty knife and having at what is admittedly a lousy sketch.  And then we shall see.

Because let's admit it--we've had worse sketches turn into lovely paintings.  And, as noted below, I persist with my thinking that if I get the eyes and hair right (neither of which could, at this point, be called "right"), all will be well.

And it's a journey, right?


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