Monday, May 14, 2012

Williams wins first F1 race in 8 years/Lehman Falls

Even a person as small-minded and mean-spirited as myself surely revels in Williams taking the big trophy in Barcelona.

Frankly (which is a Williams joke), I didn't think Maldonado had whatever it takes to hold off Alonso.  And even though I remain a staunch proponent of the shiny red cars, I rejoice nonetheless.

But now, business:

I was at the Wu Guanzhong show in New York staring at one of his half impressionist/half abstract paintings--this one of a waterfall.  It looked a bit like this ...

... except it was a waterfall, not a mountain. 

At which point I whipped out my phone (I was going to write cell phone, but do we even call them that anymore?  I don't even own a land line) and texted the following message to myself:

Lehman Falls.

About two weeks ago I purchased a roll of white paper from Amazon.  I am now going to tape it to the wall, vertically, six or seven feet high, and attempt to paint, with the materials at hand, a brush and ink-ish waterfall.  It will, obviously, be titled Lehman Falls. 

If successful, I'll follow with Bear Falls.  Then, perhaps, MFGlobal Falls.
Wow, that one hardly trips off the tongue.
I know, right?
Still, I suppose one has to do what one has to do.

And then, perhaps, Dewey Falls.  Let's get through the first one before making long-range plans.


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