Friday, May 11, 2012

My Boy Wu

Check this amazing thing out:

Done by Chinese painter Wu Guanzhong.  Wu is the subject of a truly wonderful retrospective at the Asia Society.  This particular work isn't in the show, but it's illustrative of just some of what's going on up on 70th and Park.  The guy was a brush and ink master -- a throwback to the really good stuff some 300 years earlier, but with his own modernist twists -- and a national hero.

The museum notes on it's website:  "Wu Guanzhong created works that embody many of the major shifts and tensions in twentieth-century Chinese art—raising questions around individualism, formalism, and the relationship between modernism and cultural traditions."

Yada yada yada.  Regardless, the stuff is amazing.  And his quote about studying and learning from Western abstract art while not falling into the trap of simply copying it was pretty strong.  It was written on the wall of the exhibit and I don't really remember it any more than the gist of which you just read.  But Wu painted from about 1945 to 2010 and studied in Paris, so he had more than enough encounters with the likes of Jackson Pollock, among others.  Thus, one might suggest, the above.  And this:

Me?  Back to painting watercolors on my computer.

Although Jamie Dimon, proprietor of a fat-assed, two billion dollar clusterfuck that's making all the news these days, is on my mind.  If for no other reason than the opportunity to name the painting "The Formerly Brilliant Dimon."


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