Saturday, May 05, 2012

And just one more thing before I go drink my chocolate milk...

Here's a detail of the lower right corner of the Steve Davis painting.  My original plan was to leave a  white space in which I could scrawl my usual pthalo-green GVR plus Date.  I thought it might give the painting a nice, neat, well-composed look (although composing your paintings with an eye towards where you are going to put your signature is the height of pathetic-ness, if that's a word).

But I fell in love with that little flare of black.  Ended up signing it on the lower left.

For you completists, I finished the painting this morning while listening to The Pizza Tapes by David Grisman (on mandolin) and Jerry Garcia (on guitar).  Wonderful.  Their version of Long Black Veil is something.


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