Thursday, May 03, 2012

And as all this relates to the yankees?

Me?  I'm a Mets guy.

But a friend has tickets to see the yankees (I refuse to capitalize the name of the team as long as they are owned by steinbrenners) and, purely from an architectural perspective, I thought it would be fun to go see the new stadium.  I am willing to capitalize Derek Jeter -- who is the real thing in almost every way -- and it would be fun to see him once more before he fades into middle age.

In 2009 I coughed up a fun post comparing the exterior of the new yankee stadium to the edifice in which they held the Munich Olympics.  See it here.

It's a strong post, albeit a bit sad to read during the part where I suggest the Mets are headed to the World Series.  But you do get the full text of one of my all-time favorite posts embedded in 2009 post.  So life is good.

And, in closing, a note about george steinbrenner.  He, like Charles Barkley, has in later years been widely reinvented for palatable public consumption.  One shouldn't lose sight of what a colossal shit of a man he was, back in the day.  There are all kinds of evil in the world, dear friends.  And one such category is the notion that winning at all costs is a legitimate life philosophy. 

The irony is that the yankees planted the seeds for their recent greatness while steinbrenner was banned from the game.  And yet they want to put him in the Hall of Fame?
Isn't he already there?
Dunno.  But if he isn't, he's gonna be.
And this bothers you?


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