Thursday, May 03, 2012

Steve Davis

I've got to quite this electronic painting.  For purposes related to the New York yankees, I'm going to find myself in New York for a chunk of next week, and enough already with the pixels--time to start throwing some paint.  Namely, the recently former CEO of Dewey & LeBoeuf.

Here's a sketch of Steven H. Davis, the person in question:

I have this idea of painting his neck like I painted John McCain's, except Davis strikes me as a man in his 40s, early 50s max.  So necks like McCain's are not readily found on middle aged men.

Also grabbing me, as I stare at the quick sketch, is the idea of half color, half black and white.  I am completely in love with my painting of Krugman...

... which you regular readers have seen a million times already.  Did you see him on Charlie Rose the other day?  The man's a hero (even though he never once responded to the two or three emails I sent him during the period of time I was painting his portrait). He's swimming upstream against trickle down economics.

Anyway, the idea being that welling-up of violent purples that you see in McCain's neck but by the time we hit the forehead, we're in virtual black and white.

These are questions, certainly.

The general thinking is to be standing in front of D&L Monday morning.  In a perfect world, it would be tomorrow.  Apparently that's the day we find out if it can meet the partners' monthly payroll (an oversimplification of the actual situation, but close enough for a painting blog).  But today is Thursday and all we have is a sketch.  So we're not going to be there Friday.


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