Monday, May 14, 2012

Oldies, Volume 2

And now, my friends, we're officially having a giggle.  First, make careful note of the third to last paragraph of the post below, which reads:
Truth be told, you could perhaps resolve all this by repainting his right eye about half an inch higher and the same amount to the left.  Too late for that ... I'm just saying.

Now double click the image and read something that is particularly unusual for me:  a note to the viewer on the face of the painting.  It reads, written counterclockwise in the lower left corner,  just above the signature:
Note from the artist:  This is likely my last painting of Dick Fuld.  Yet, instead of reflecting on the narrative arc described by my four portraits of the man, all I can think is that I wish I had painted his right eye an inch to the left.

How much fun is that?  This is the stuff that makes art-historians go gaga, and here I am just giving it to you.  For free.


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