Monday, August 13, 2012

Current Status, Vol. 2

I'm sitting at my desk, blogging--if that's even a verb--while listening to Joshua Tree, the seminal U2 album.  But not my favorite, just so we're clear.  My favorite would be whatever the album is that has One on it, then Rattle & Hum, then Joshua Tree.
"Edge!  Play the blues!"
Achtung Baby is the name you're searching for.
Yes it is.  Thank you.
Not necessary.  We exist to serve.
Me too.
Yes it is.
Anyway, I'm typing away and the presence of a bit of a scratch on the album makes itself known to me through my ears.  Less a scratch and more a physical thing.  Like a tiny chunk of something attached to the surface of the record.  The fun thing is that you hear it five times:  the first, quite dimly in just the left speaker as the edge of the stylus brushes by it; then more noticeably, but still in the left; then fully, and centered; then less noticeably, now in the right speaker; then finally, dimly, again right; and then nothing.

It should be noted that the Doppler Effect is not in play here.  Likewise, it should also be noted that the use of the words left and right may, in reality, be reversed.  I don't feel like going back and checking.
"Outside is America!"


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