Sunday, September 02, 2012

I'm wasted. And I can't find my way home.

The time has come to say goodbye to this:

I was stupid enough to offer Dewey & LeBoeuf employees (now former) a stiff discount and, lo and behold, be careful what you wish for.  With my feet thusly held to the fire, I ejaculated a discount that I would describe as "gut-wrenching, spleen-lacerating, eyeball-searing."

I'm literally coughing up blood, two days after the fact.

But, all that said, you do some paintings for what you think will be the money and some paintings with the expectation that no money will ever be forthcoming.  I mean, who's gonna buy a picture of Rick Perry, painted upside down, with horns coming out of his head?

And the law beat is so far outside my usual stomping grounds ... well, you do the math.  In the end, I painted it because my buddy Lance told me to.  And that's the end of the free ride for him, I can assure you.

I was in the studio the other day addressing the assembled paintings.  "My job," I told them, paraphrasing Craig Howard (Tim Tebow's high school coach), "is to love you.  Your job is to love each other."  I rattled on for a few more minutes, then, as I always do when they're sold, told The Former Chairman "Don't ever let anybody tell you you're not a great painting."  And that was that.

And I can assure you, there wasn't a dry canvas in the house.

That was a nice use of the word 'ejaculated'.
Thank you.
Very old-school.
Yes it was.  As in "To utter suddenly and briefly; to exclaim."

On a happier note, check this out.  If you are a fan of acoustic rock, it can only be described as a jewel.

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Update:  Click here instead.

I wouldn't call it acoustic rock.  You make it sound like The New Riders of the Purple Sage.
No.  I'd call it rock stars playing acoustic guitars.  
Fair enough.  Duly noted.

One of the lessons to be taken here is that guitar is really a simple instrument.  Just like the blues is a simple art form.

Okay, now you try.


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