Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fully Calibrated; Loaded for Bear

Do you know what I love?  Truly love?  I love this goddam painting:

The whole black and white thing...  The fact that you can see the grid I used to sketched the thing.  The mono chromaticism of the thing.

Man, that's gotta be hyphenated.

The whole mono-chromaticism of the thing.

The downside?  As I look at the financial landscape of the last five years (and I've had a front row seat of a sort), I think Krugman has been one of the few sane heads with a bully pulpit.  He's a hero.

One man's opinion.
Yes, one man's opinion.

So it makes me sad when they take my beautiful painting and write the nastiest things imaginable on it.  I mean, the painting is covered with nastiness.  Just one example is the tiny note on the lower right hand corner.

And I still love it.  Kind of the way I love this one...

Except I don't really love it.  I think it's ok.

But I do love American Investor (which, by the way, is the egg from which American Worker cracked).  Now THAT is a goddam painting!!!!!

All of this, I suppose, is to support the notion that I have a long history of black and white paintings, and to suggest to you, dear reader, that when I tell you I'm thinking of leaving this one alone, it comes not out of laziness but rather from a deep and rich pool of precedents.

I refer, of course, to Black & White Ryan...

I'm not saying it's done, but there's very little distance between this and what the finished product might be.

One could argue for a reduction in the sheer mass of the ears.
Yes, one could.
And I'm not comfortable with the size of the collar of his shirt, particularly the one on the left side.
Nor am I.

This is one of the all time great GVR political paintings:

Red for Republicans; Blue for Democrats; Black for independents.  Who don't get capitalized.  Sorry.  But I can't stop thinking about old Paul Krugman with all that black writing.  So I'm thinking about finishing Ryan and giving everybody black pens.  I mean, shouldn't you be able to tell from the comments what the people think?  And isn't, in this sad world we live in, the current state of political polarization obscene?   Maybe we're better not assigning colors to parties?

pause here for lengthy personal reflection

So black and white it is.

There's a part of me that wants to title the thing "Black & White Ryan (Fully Calibrated; Loaded for Bear)" but I don't think I'm gonna do that.

The fully calibrated business functions on two levels:  First, say what you will about Ryan but he is a legitimate budget wonk.  Second, if you look closely at the painting you can still see the lines I use to divide the canvas into 80 6-inch squares.  Which is a loose sort of calibration, I suppose.

And as regards the bear thing, substitute "old people" for the word bear.  or "anybody making less than 100K."  And that's only two.


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