Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A quick note on TYOMP typography

Since time immemorial my interaction with the Greek chorus has been indented and colored red.  No longer.  From now on, it'll be flush left, just like the rest of the copy.  Red, still, but not indented.

The reason?  Every time Google improves Blogger it makes it worse.  I find it now almost impossible to work with, but am not completely sure how I might grab six years of a blog and transfer it to Wordpress or something.

On the same topic, I'm no longer positioning photographs flush left because Blogger defaults them to the center position.  Were it merely a matter of a quick format change or two, I'd do it, since I like them flush left just like I like the Greek chorus indented.  But it's not a quick change or two.

Note to future bloggers:  Don't use Blogger.


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