Monday, September 03, 2012

Women of America -- Wake the Fuck Up

The title of this post is of course taken from this beautiful painting...

It's even more beautiful if you just click on the thing so you don't have to look at the writing bleeding through on the right side.

It's a full, rich piece and I'm very pleased.  Black and White Ryan.  The more I look at the eyes the more I like them.  Beady little Richard Nixon eyes.  Wow--in a world where Mitt Romney can be elected president, and by extension Paul Ryan, Richard Nixon looks like a gift from God, doesn't he?

BWRyan is hanging on the wall of my studio and if you want to send me a comment to inscribe on your behalf, you are welcome to do so.  As I wait for it to come through I'm listening to "Waiting For Columbus," the live Little Feat album that will shake the shoes off you, given adequate volume levels.

And loose enough shoes.

You can tell I just walked over and took the picture because the left side of the photo, being closer to the window, is hotter than the right side.

Women of America -- wake the fuck up.


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