Sunday, November 25, 2012

Steely concentration being the name of the game ...

If you don't stay focused, you can sometimes mess up the lettering.

This is the result of a perfect storm of tiny missteps and errors.  The fan you see is rushing to dry the paint so I can, before popping out for a glass of port with a buddy, cover line three in white paint.  Then, presumably, it'll be dry when I return to the studio.

It will then likely need a second coat.

The current thinking, by the way, is this:

I don't care ...
I'd rather sink
than turn

I will then repair to the television to switch back and forth between the Giants game and the Knicks game.

Tomorrow (or perhaps later tonight if the Packers are walloping the Giants), I'll re-letter the third line.  And maybe move the second one a bit to the left (although that's gonna be a pain in the ass, let me tell you).  And the whole balloon itself will require a bit of this-ing and that-ing, not the least of which will be attaching its little tail.

Or, in this case, those three little bubbles.  Because it's being thought, not spoken.

Note to Knicks fans:  Tomorrow is the rescheduled date of what was supposed to be both teams' opening game -- Knicks vs. Nets at the Barclay Center.  People were paying thousands of dollars for those seats thinking they'd be witnessing history.  Then the storm shut down NYC.  Ouch.  On several levels.

The act of lettering is funny.  It's the exact antithesis of throwing paint from the end of a stick in hopes of creating an image.  Jackson Pollock could no more have done that lettering than flown to the moon.

Reconsideration some time later:  Actually, that's exactly the lettering that Pollock would have done.  Repeated words and screwed up spacing.


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