Monday, January 14, 2013

And now this bit of mean-spiritedness

Did you see Lena Dunham get her Golden Globe last night?  Totally unsatisfactory, in much the same tiresome way that Tom, the chauffeur who married Lady Sybil, refused for the longest time to dress properly for dinner.

Show some respect.  Next time you go to an awards show that might require you to get out of your chair and walk twenty five feet, wear shoes that make it possible to do so.  I am saying to you, dear reader, that the woman could literally barely walk.

Hey, I'm fine with making self-referential sit-coms about the psychic scars of being an ungainly young woman growing up in hipster Brooklyn.  But when they invite you to the Globes, wear some shoes you can walk in.

Me?  I loathe that show.

Maybe she has some kind of medical condition and you're being an unfeeling ass.
Maybe.  Or maybe her shoes were too tight.
She walks around okay in her show.
You watch it?  I thought you loathed it.
I watched the first couple of episodes of Season One, because of the hype, and then stepped away.


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