Sunday, February 24, 2013

A quick look into the mind of the artist

I can't speak for you people.  Hell, I barely know even a few of you.  But I assume that the lure of The Year of Magical Painting has something to do with catching a glimpse into the thought process of an artist.  Most artists' web sites give you a look at the finished product, or a highly sanitized version of the creative process.  Few can match the raw, addictive ugliness of the truth found within these pages.

So consider the following:  I find myself constantly stepping over this wad of Saran-Wrap ...

It's made its home on the floor of my studio for at least the last six months.  The reason I don't pick it up is that it looks, particularly at first glance, like a used condom.  And it is amusing, when people come to the studio (an activity I generally discourage unless you've qualified for a TYOMP Gold Affinity Card) and catch their first glimpse of the thing, to see their response.

It's usually quick, and fleeting.  But there is a moment of horror and revulsion that, honestly, is priceless.

This is good for another reason as well.  I think it's bad for business if people think you, the artist, are in any way a normal person.  I say this because the more normal you seem the more likely some nitwit will get it into her head that she, too, can become an artist.   Or, worse yet, not that she can become an artist but rather that anybody can become an artist.

This is to be avoided.


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