Sunday, February 24, 2013

Spring is Here

One knows this because half an hour or so ago, 43 decal-festooned race cars roared past the starting line of the Daytona 500.  Each one's hook baited for Leviathan.

Only crazy people watch the thing live, by the way.  And by live, I mean live on TV.  I'd love to go sometime and see it live live, but I doubt that's ever gonna happen.

Me?  I watch the start and the subsequent half hour.  Then I wander back through every once in a while, perhaps while making split pea soup.  Then I try to watch the last 100 miles.  Which, since they're going 200 miles an hour, only takes 30 minutes.

As if...
As if what?
As if it only takes half an hour to watch the last hundred miles.
Your point?
My point is a) they don't actually approach 200 mph except for in spurts, so your math is faulty; and b) you haven't taken into account the almost constant wreck/yellow flag/clean-up/restart/wreck/yellow flag/clean-up/restart dynamic that characterizes the very last portion of the race.  I bet it takes an hour and a half to run the last hundred miles.
Wow.  I don't have that much time to spend on something as fundamentally stupid as NASCAR.

Anyway, once the D500 is over, they play the Masters.  And then there's Easter, which is early this year.  And then the apple blossoms start to bloom.  And then they run the Australian Grand Prix.  And then they begin the baseball season.  And then everything's lovely again.

I have a thought.
The profusion of wrecks, particularly at the end of the races, is wrecking NASCAR.  Part of the problem is that the cars are almost too safe and the drivers figure they can do whatever they want, willy-nilly, without the concern that they're gonna end up dead.
So maybe they ought to make the cars less safe.
Make them think before putting their foot in it.  Or their front fender.
You realize this is daft, don't you?
Yes I do.  But it's a thought.
Yes it is.  Right up there with giving NFL players old-style leather helmets, as a way to reduce head-to-head collisions.
I think that's an excellent idea too.


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