Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Baiting My Hook for Leviathan

Going after the big fish, at least New-York-gallery-exhibition-wise.

I refer, of course, to the Basquiat show at the Gagosian gallery.  Best painter portrait ever ...

Certainly top ten.  Barefoot, dressed in an Armani suit, with paint all over the cuffs.  This, my friends, is something to aspire to.  I mean, you could shoot the exact same photo of me -- sitting in a chair; foot propped up; big painting in the back ... yup, I've got all that stuff.  Except I'd be wearing a pair of Levis.  And socks, probably.

You should see the bottoms of some of my socks.

And then there's this ...

Which shows you, once again, that it's cool to steal other people's shit (in this case, da Vinci) and cook it up yourself.

But I'm awfully fond of this one ....

Somewhere inside me, if I can squeeze them out, are some Wall Street paintings like this.  Funny, I don't feel funny repainting Picasso, or my boy Chuck Close, but I hesitate to jump on this.

Even, one might say, or perhaps especially because of my affinity for annotated paintings.


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