Thursday, February 07, 2013

Look Ma! I'm gonna be famous

So they called me up and asked me to appear at the unloading of the Uncle Sams so the media coujld talk to an artist.  So I did.

None of the people in the picture is me.  But you can see there were a couple of camera crews, which is always a giggle, and some ink-stained scribes, and I think that's the Mayor in the middle, but it's a crappy picture.  Hard to be sure.

My concern is that the camera adds ten pounds.  Which will put me almost to the bursting point.

For you completists, I'm in the studio staring at my Uncle Sam listening to Funky Kingston by Toots and the Maytals.  Which is certainly one of my top five reggae albums of all time.  Bob Marley and the Wailers Live; Blackheart Man by Bunny Wailer; Funky Kingson by Toots; Natty Dread by Bob and the Wailers; maybe Burnin', also by Bob et al; maybe the soundtrack from The Harder They Come.  There's a Maria Muldaur album that she cut in Jamaica with the Wailers as the back-up band that is glorious, yet the internet would tell you that no such thing exists.  Except that I know that it does.

Maybe it wasn't Maria Muldaur, although I really think it was.


Anonymous Daaave said...

You might be thinking of the Martha Valez album Escape From Babylon. By the way, I can't find my copy, do you have it?

5:56 AM  

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