Thursday, February 07, 2013

The PeaceWorks Project. This is important!

I don't usually ask you guys for money.  Actually I never do.  But all that changes today, as I embark on what I'm calling the PeaceWorks Project.  The website is here.  Go to it now and make a donation.

The gist of the thing is this:  Imagine a massive public sculpture comprised of confiscated weapons, all rolled together like a snowball, plunked down in the middle of your hometown.  A dark, glowering presence that, everyday, says it is NOT okay to shake your head and feel sad about those poor kids at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and then a month or so later simply continue living your life as if nothing had happened.  Are you with me?

Okay, now imagine ten of them.

Now twenty.  And so on.

Voila -- the PeaceWorks Project.

I'm not stopping painting the sinners of Wall Steet, but the matter of gun control in the US is now the object upon I am shining the majority of my artistic light.

So go to the goddam website and make a donation.  I'd do it myself (I am contributing significant personal funds) but it's too big and too complicated and too expensive to fund on my own.

And I'm not talking thousands of dollars.  I'm talking twenty-five.  Fifty.  Five-hundred.  But not nothing.  Life is too short, man, not to try to make a difference.

Thanks in advance.


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