Monday, February 11, 2013

Popus Resignatus

Wow.  The Pope is stepping down.  First time since the 1400s, so a comment seems in order.

Speaking as a (non-practicing) American Catholic, a phrase that literally sets everybody's teeth on edge in the Vatican, this seems like a good idea.  As they say in Italian, I nodi vengono al pettine.  I ... by myself ... one man's opinion ... please don't get angry and not buy a painting ... believe that the sexual abuse scandal was, and continues to be, a function of an extraordinary ethical failure by Church management and I believe Pope Benedict, especially in his pre-Pope days, was up to his neck in it.  Elaborate suggestions to the contrary remind me of the just-released rebuttal of the Penn State investigation findings that the Paterno family commissioned.


Two thoughts:

First, the election of a new Pope always brings the glimmer of hope that the Cardinals may elect a liberal-leaning Pope, and the Church may change in (what I deem to be) positive ways.  The likelihood of this is roughly similar to that of Elizabeth Warren being tapped as Lloyd Blankfein's replacement.  But there's always hope.

Second:  Note to Conclave -- Please, anybody but Timothy Dolan.  Talk about a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Sic transit Gloria mundi.


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