Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Further on this Whole April or May business

In my twenties I was a bartender.  One of the shifts I worked was called the service bar, meaning that your only job was to make drinks ordered by waitresses for their seated patrons.  Nobody was sitting at the bar.  You were wholesale, not retail.

Nonetheless, since people in the dining room could see you, you were obliged to wear black pants, a white shirt and a tie.  After washing the ends of enough standard ties in the glass washer, I eventually changed to a clip-on bow tie.

Let me remind you again that I was twenty three.

Anyway, the point of the story is that every once in a while I'd take a bathroom break and, upon looking in the mirror once I got to the mens room, discover that one of the clips on my tie had come undone and it was hanging, akimbo.

And it always made me wonder why none of the waitresses would say something as simple and helpful as "Hey, you might want to fix your tie.  It's coming undone."  It's not like they wouldn't have noticed.

All by way of saying that, over the first two weeks of this month (which I wrongly believed was May), I've mis-dated any number of works of art.  I would have appreciated somebody looking at one and saying something as simple and helpful as "Hey, that's a great painting, but I think we're still in April."  They could have even added a phrase like "numb-nuts" and I would have still appreciated the cold, hard facts.

Most of which is either easily managed or unimportant.  But this really pisses me off ...


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