Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Me and Robert Longo

Surely you're with me on the photography of Robert Longo?  Famous for stuff like this ...

And this ...

It seems like a lot of my map paintings end up looking like people dancing.

This is Love in Vain without the dots.

Maybe it's just me.
Maybe it's a troll carrying a huge basket full of Skittles back to its lair.
I know it seems like something.
It reminds me of one of those Diego Rivera paintings of peasants carrying huge baskets of flowers on their backs.
I can see that.
Maybe it's the haunting realization that your mother never loved you.
These paintings are funny like that.
Yes they are.
It looks a little like those "Paint this Leprechaun" ads on the inside of matchbooks.
Yes it does.  Do they still make matchbooks?
They must.


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