Monday, April 08, 2013

Margaret Thatcher, Volume 3 slash Just So We're Clear

You, dear reader, might be wondering what Margaret Thatcher ever did to your intrepid reporter.  Nothing more than what she did to everybody else, I suppose.  And I did get paid for painting her, so there's certainly that.  And the woman could certainly turn a phrase.  Which I admire.

But, you could argue, just as Tony Blair partnered slash enabled George W. Bush's yearning to conquer the Middle East, so too did Maggie Thatcher partner slash enable Ronald Reagan's laying the foundation (with William F. Buckley whispering oleaginously in his ear like some 20th century Iago) of Modern Conservatism.  Which I capitalize.

Modern Conservatism (not to be confused with Current Conservatism -- which is even worse) can be argued as making a certain amount of fundamental economic sense but it does so at the cost of a good deal of societal violence as outlined by Mrs. King two posts below.

I understand that the topics discussed above can't be done their full justice in 150 or so words.  But I wanted to say it anyway, just so we're clear.


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