Friday, May 31, 2013

My life in a nutshell

I was checking out Rolling Stone online and came across the rather spacious Matt Tiabbi section. Clicked through a couple of articles and blog posts, including the one that featured my Map painting titled "It's a 401(k) World".

I'd already read the article but not the comments.  So I cruised through.

Came across this first ...

"I love the black hole 401k world thing."  
By someone known as Tsev.

So I was feeling pretty good.  Then I go to ...

"that painting sucks."  
By someone called Livelife Oncctv.

And now I'm not sure how to feel.  I would have preferred a third comment, to break the tie, although that statement seems like the symptom of a weak mind.

I will say this about Tiabbi:  The first chapter of his book "Griftopia", in which he describes attending a Sarah Palin rally, was an act of such inspired reportorial lunacy that I gasped in awe.  The gist being that, at the beginning of the rally, all Taibbi could think about was how much she reminded him of a Southwest Airlines flight attendant, and at the end of the rally how he thought she might be the most dangerous woman in the world.

You should buy it.

[Note to self:  I wonder what is involved in attaching a link to Amazon that would pay me money (a dime? ... a quarter? ... the amount is not important -- it's the thought that matters) if you clicked on it and then actually bought the book.  Those Amazon people are maniacs (in a good way -- one man's opinion).  I bet if you started to poke around, it's really easy.]


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