Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pornography ... to increase web traffic

Okay, fine ... it isn't pornography.  But it looks like it, if your mind runs in that particular direction.

Do you know how you sometimes end up taking a photo of the inside of your hand with your iPhone?  I was waiting for a friend yesterday and thought it might be interesting to take those same pictures on purpose.  This is the best of the bunch ...

Compelling, yes?  I like the idea of blowing them way up, printing them out about four feet tall.

Somewhat less successful, although I'm fond of it the way you're fond of certain paintings, even when you know they're a disaster ...

It looks a little like the wind has blown your grandmother's skirt up and, Lord have mercy, grammy forgot to put drawers on.

This all may be a bad idea.  Certainly the second one.  But I might fight you about the top image.


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