Monday, July 08, 2013

"He's a good lookin' rascal." -- President Bill Clinton

Remember that saying about how, assuming Satan exists, you wouldn't recognize him if you ran into him on the street.  He wouldn't look all scaly, with wings and claws and a tail and stinking of hellfire and brimstone.  Hell, he'd probably look like Bar Rafaeli.  Or Rick Perry.

All this talk of the dark side by way of saying I didn't paint those horns.  Some annotator added them after the fact.  But I support the thinking.

Reports are saying that Governor Perry will, after three terms, step down.  As for what he'll do next, he apparently said he "will also pray and reflect and work to determine my own future path."

What a miserable, loathsome shit of a man.  I applaud his idea of turning to prayer for guidance.  Too bad he didn't try that when the State of Texas systematically killed any number of inmates whose mental status was clearly in doubt.  Or the guy who got the needle because his assigned public defender chose to sleep in court rather than mount a defense.  And any number of other abuses of the justice system that resulted in the big snuff.

And God Help You if, during those proceedings, you happened to notice that you were black.  Because then you were truly screwed.

What a miserable, loathsome, stupid shit of a man.  One of my least favorite politicians ever.

I'm not one to pat myself on my back (actually I am), but I love those reptilian eyes.  Goodbye and good riddance.


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