Wednesday, August 28, 2013

As second Uncle Sam statue loses head, first one returns

This from no less than the Troy Record ...

TROY – A well-known figure has returned to the corner of Third and Broadway in downtown, and the hope is that he will keep his head this time.

A statue of Uncle Sam adorned in city-centric thoughts, marks, and comments was re-installed next to the Quackenbush building on Monday morning, more than a month after a botched theft attempt left the statue headless. The culprit, a 22-year-old Watervliet man, was later arrested.

“We have repaired him, rehabilitated him and, happily, now have him restored back to the streetscape where he belongs,” said Elizabeth Young, director of the downtown Troy Business Improvement District.

The Annotated Uncle Sam — as the statue is titled — is the product of artist Geoffrey Raymond, one of 25 artists commissioned to decorate fiberglass likenesses of Uncle Sam — a personification of the United States that may be based on a 19th century Troy meat packer and brick maker — as part of a civic art project sponsored by the BID.

The reinstallation comes on the heels of a separate incident that decapitated an Uncle Sam statue on Fourth Street. That statue, titled Uncle Rainbow for its colorful figure, was found missing its head in the wee hours Saturday, according to city police.

I feel sorry for Ms. Young for having to say sentences like ...

“We're not sure what may have happened, but we woke up Saturday morning to find him still bolted to the ground but, unfortunately, missing his head.”

I wonder if she smiles when she says it.

You can read the whole story, by Ian Benjamin, here.  And here's the salient photo, if you're too busy to click through ...


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