Thursday, August 08, 2013

Go Eagles

This is of course a facetious comment, given that I'm a Giants fan.

But consider, for a moment, Jeremy Macklin, Eagles wide receiver who is out for the year with a knee thing.  Or any state of the art wide receiver in the NFL these days.

Now think about one of them streaking down the sidelines, reaching for a ball that's just a little too far in front of them, flipping it in the air once, twice, thrice, juggling the thing, trying to catch it.  Got it?

Now imagine me standing in front of a group of people staring at my painting.  In one hand I have a diet peach Snapple.  In the other a bunch of Sharpies.  Someone asks for a pen and as I attempt to shuffle the various things in my hands, trying to take the cap off one of my Sharpies (because I'm a polite person), I realize that I'm dropping both the pens and the Snapple.

The Jeremy Macklin juggling act ensues.  A portion of the Snapple finds itself airborne.  Then I lose control of the entire bottle which, after a few spastic grabs by me, crashes to the pavement getting both me and the painting extremely wet.  Explosion is not too strong a word for what happened when the Snapple bottle hit the sidewalk, even though it was plastic and not glass.

Big Wayne, if you look closely, is not lightly colored from Snapple drippings all over the lower right quadrant. I'll post a photo when I get a chance.

This doesn't necessarily bother me.  I'm thinking of it the same way Warhol thought about the Marilyn paintings that the crazy lady shot.  But it was embarrassing.  Thank God the Bloomberg reporter had already left.


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