Friday, August 02, 2013

Some thoughts on the annotation process

Sometimes the paintings are so good I resist letting people write on them.

Inverted Keynes is one ...

Me?  I'm very fond of this painting just as it is.  Says everything I need to say about the matter. But I do sometimes think of the following:  take a super hi-res photo, print it out more or less life-size, ask for annotations via the web, inscribe them on the paper version, call that its own thing.

"Eat Doritos and onion dip.  Make prints.  Sell them."
--Geoffrey Raymond

"Pay for soup.  Build a fort.  Burn that down."
--Jean-Michel Basquiat

Me and Jean-Michel.  We're both going to hell anyway.  And speaking of satanic images, do you remember Red Geithner?

I painted it July of 09.  Left it alone for a year or more, then took it out for annotations.

Not sure how much forward motion was achieved.  Sometimes I think I should have left it the way it was.  One fun thing was that a woman viciously attacked me for painting him red and then titling him the same way.  It was right in the middle of the time when the right wing was trying to describe Geithner, et al, as socialists.  I told her I could understand her point, but really I was in love with the whole Warhol-painting-people-different-colors thing and was kind of tagging along with that.

Witness Blue Marilyn ...


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