Friday, July 12, 2013

Bud Heavy

Here's a shot of part of a beer list at a local Troy watering hole ...

This seems like too much by a factor of half (although that ginger and lime business sounds pretty good).  Being a University of Virginia graduate, the term Wahoo always stimulates my saliva production, so I suppose that's a positive.  I'd tell you that I'd love to be eating a Gusburger right now (except they no longer exist), but I won't because that would be digressing.

Instead, let me just say that I'm a simple man.  I like to know if my beer is a Bud, and if so, if it's light or heavy.  If the bartender tells me it's extra-heavy then that, of course, is code for Guinness.

Consider this from my still verklempt Uncle Sam sculpture ...

Troy's a town full of beer snobs.  It's its only failing.

A final philosophical thought:  If you are absolutely dead-set on coming off as an insufferable smarty-pants, don't have typos in your beer lists.  I refer to the use of the word "but" when "by" was the correct word.  I don't ordinarily throw stones like this, but the more I look at the beer menu the more annoyed I become.


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